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[-n k ' s b l o g-]

Neko-Kitsune's stupid little blog. Why are you reading this? Do you enjoy subjecting yourself to torture? If you insist on following the life of a deranged catfox, go ahead...

  • Saturday, July 26, '03
    There was a very odd power shortage last night, so I had to keep reading HP & the OotP by flashlight. Got a tagboard in today and I can't figure out how to get the icons to download. *-*'' HELP?! Oh yeah, got new glasses yesterday too. They is pretty and silvery. ^_^ Um... sessha can't think of anything else to say now.

    Mood: Oro?
    Music: Freckles (Sobakasu)

  • Friday, July 25, '03
    I GOT THE FIFTH HARRY POTTER BOOK!! ^Dances around with it whilst everyone mutters "So?" or something to that affect^ Ahem. I'm okay now. Finally started uploading Are-Sora to a server - finally choose Tripod. I hate popups as much as the next catfox, but it's better than having a horrible embedded ad on every part of my site. Oh well. Hopefully I'll be able to move to a network or summat soon.

    Mood: Happy
    Music: Ice Blue Eyes (MISAO!!)

  • Thursday, July 24, '03
    Oro! I finally found a picture a friend of mine from school asked me to draw.. before school let out. ^-^''' Youko Kurama with the Death Tree on his arm.. I need to draw that. Kikiki! ^Spouts randomness^

    Mood: Cheerful
    Music: No More Words, Inuyasha

  • Wednesday, July 23, '03
    I drew that piccy of me doin' some blog-writing down there. ^-^ Can't wait until my OVA cd gets here... got it from Canada y'know, so hopefully it'll come soon.. Might be able to buy another one too, with Sobakasu, Heart of Sword, Tactics, 1/3 of Pure Emotions etc on it - don't remember what it's called. Are-Sora is almost done (SQUEE!! MY FIRST PUBLISHED WEBBIE!), and I'm working on my happy lil' Misao winamp skin. I hate making skins. But Misao deserves a good one. Yay Weasel Girl! ^-^

    Mood: Content
    Music: Wild Wind, Yu Yu Hakusho