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Welcome to Arekuru'u Sora, a Rurouni Kenshin fansite. Arekuru'u Sora (Japanese for stormy sky) is literally a fansite, because it's existance is entirely dependant on submissions from Kenshin fans. Navigation is to your left, and prove you were here on the tagboard on your right. Comments go to the guestbook, and flames to the Recycle Bin. ^-^ Have a good time!

PS, a note on those irritating popups. Just keep one up and don't close it, then you won't get a new one coming up on every page you come to.

Sunday, September 14, '03
Finally got offa my la-zee tail and updated a bit more. Two new wallpapers available - they were actually made for private use but I'm desperate. ^-^'' They're Soujiro wallpapers and both bear my poem, red/rain//blue/rain. The stories will be updated soon.

Saturday, September 13, '03
Oh my gosh, I am SO SORRY that I haven't updated in so long. School and stuff and I'm working on another website, red/rain//blue/rain, a Seta Soujiro shrine if anyone cares, and totally forgot about Are-Sora.. GOMEN NASAI!
On the bright side, my creative juices have been brewing, so expect a MAJOR update to make up for the last two months. Again, gomen nasai minna!!!!

Tuesday, July 29, '03
Is it just sessha, or has virtually nobody come to Are-Sora? ^Sigh^ Oh well. I'll wait a bit more. Put up two chapters of my fic, Another Ordinary Day.

Saturday, July 26, '03
ARE-SORA HAS OFFICALLY OPENED!!! ^Stands at the door, handing out McFlurries^ We really, really need people to submit stuph, okay? Wallpapers, fics, pictures, etc.. Aanyway... PARTY!!!

Rurouni Kenshin obsessors have visited Are-Sora!