Another Ordinary Day, chapter two, by Neko-Kitsune

Ahem: Neko-Kitsune does not own Rurouni Kenshin, but it would be yummy if I did. Sessha only owns her Rurouni Kenshin Offical OVA Soundtrack and Bill the Magical Ferret Plushie who says oro.

[Bill: Oro?]

Yes, that was Bill. Expect Bill to make an appearance soon.

Neko-Kitsune glanced about the living room again - Weasel-Misao and Yugure were both staring hungrily at Aoshi, who ignored them both; Megumi was get too close to Kenshin for Kaoru to be comfortable with (not to mention Sanosuke was causing a racket beneath Kenshin's claws); Saito was sulking in a corner, smoking and occasianlly glaring at NK; Yahiko was shredding the couch with his claws, and Soujiro the raven was perched on top of the TV, his usual eerie smile looking even eerier now that it was plastered on a beak. Neko-Kitsune suddenly realized that Soujiro was here. "SOUJIRO!" Soujiro jerked his head around to see a certain orange hybrid bouncing toward him, gave a squawk of fright and started flying around the ceiling.

"Someone get her away!! Help!" NK was running circles around in the room, knocking things over and running into things (and instantly recovering) because her head was pointed upwards towards Soujiro, and had entered what her friends called, "RK Obessions Mode," where she spoke like Kenshin as much as possible..

"Soujiro-sama!! Don't run, er, fly!! Sessha only wants you to hold still for a second, de gozaru... Sessha doesn't have a Raven Soujiro Shrine yet, de gozaru.."

Misao and Yugure had begun eyeing each other angrily, then glancing back at Aoshi, then glaring at each other again... Sanosuke started pecking Kenshin's claws in hopes of freeing himself and Kenshin was looking very uncomfortable, as Megumi kept moving closer to him and Kaoru had turned chibi with anger. Saito was sneering at Sanosuke and who knew where Yahiko had ran off to.

Just before Misao and Yugure had begun to seriously injure each other, Yahiko burst into the room waving something black and square-shaped in the air. "Hey, Neko-busu! Look what I've got!" Neko-Kitsune ran into the side of the entertainment system and blinked, staring at Yahiko. Soujiro gave a sigh of relief and landed on the side of the couch. Yahiko smirked and opened the book. "Dear Diary..."

Neko-Kitsune shrieked and ran towards him. "YAHIKO YOU LITTLE MONSTER GIVE THAT BACK RIGHT NOW OR I'LL-" Yahiko smartly leapt out of the way, letting Neko-Kitsune crash into the refridgerator, and bounded on to the couch.

"Dear Diary. I created another character today..." His expression turned into a frown and he flipped through the book. "Hey. Where's the juicy stuff? Doesn't she like any boys?"

Yugure glanced at him. "Baka. Neko-chan's famous for never having had a crush on anyone."

"WHAT?" Yahiko chucked the book on the ground. "That's stupid. What sort of girl doesn't like a guy?"

Neko-Kitsune marched dizzily out of the kitchen. "A Neko-Kisune? Sessha is odd.. she makes shrines for her favorite characters but doesn't like anyone..." She picked up the diary. "Hey, you found Bill's page!" This remark was met by silent stares. NK regarded them impatiently. "Bill! Bill, the Magical Ferret Plushie who says oro!!" More stares. Neko-Kitsune sighed. "Bill, get in here."

Immediatly a small green thing appeared on the coffee table. In was.. well, green, stared blankly at everything around it, and it's tail was on fire. On fire with black fire. Everyone gaped at it while Neko-Kitsune stroked it lovingly. "This is Bill! Say hello Bill!"


"That's Bill! He says oro!"

Kenshin looked hurt. "That's my phrase.."

NK ignored him and promptly sat down in the middle of the floor. The coffee table, entertaiment system and couch all vanished. (Yahiko fell over, Soujiro took to the air looking surprised and Aoshi grunted when his perch on the entertainment system disappeared) "We are going to play a game," NK annouced. Yugure blanched.

"We're in trouble!! Hide me, Aoshi-sama!" She rushed to Eagle-Aoshi (who was much bigger than her) and hid behind him. She poked her head out from behind his feathers and glanced around, then made a face at Misao. Misao burst into a fresh string of curses and was about to rush Yugure and strangle her when NK grabbed her braid and pulled her back.

The lights faded. Neko-Kitsune was grinned wickedly. "Everybody get into a circle. We are going to play.."

Heehee, I liked that. So what are we going to play? Who knows.... ^Thinks^

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