Another Ordinary Day, chapter three, by Neko-Kitsune

I don't own RK, blah blah blah, WARNING: If you haven't read the Jinchuu arc, there might be spoilers up later, as I'm adding Enishi to the group.


"....We're going to play Truth, Dare, or Consequence!"
The roomful of animals all had their eyes fixed on Neko-Kitsune. Aoshi raised an eyebrow (or went through the motions for it- do eagles have eyebrows?), several other members of the group shifted uncomfortably, and Yugure just went ahead and gaped at her friend. "Whazat?"
"YOU HAVEN'T HEARD OF IT?!" (Yugure fell over backwards at the blast of her words) "Hmm. I suppose that's okay, since I just made it up." (Once again, Yugure toppled over) "Anyway, it's just like Truth or Dare, but if you refuse to do the thinger you're supposed to do, you have to face the consequence.. divised by ME!" (Yugure squeaked in horror) Neko-Kitsune looked around as she spoke, counting the people there. "Nine, ten... And Kenshin makes eleven! WE NEED MORE PEOPLE! YUGURE!" The black cat jumped up.
"Order number one! DON'T STEAL KENSHIN'S ORO!"
"Order number two! Get the Tiger and the Albino Crow!"
"Hai!" Yugure disappeared into the hallway and returned a few minutes later dragging a white tiger behind her and had a large, resigned-looking white crow on one shoulder. She shoved the tiger into the middle of the circle and the crow fluttered off of her shoulder.
"SAKE!" the crow commanded immediatly after settling on top of Kenshin's head. "Where's the sake, baka deshi? Sake!"
Kenshin's eyes bulged. "M..master?!"
The crow glared down at him, then clacked his beak. "Hai, hai, WHERE'S THE SAKE?!" He turned his glare to Neko-Kitsune. This time her eyes bulged and immediatly several large bottles of sake appeared in front of Kenshin. Hiko clacked his beak again and flew down to it. Seconds later... "I NEED A STRAW!" Yugure walk resolutley over and dropped a straw on his head. He glared at her, but caught it and began drinking his rice wine.
All eyes turned to the tiger. The fur around its eyes was black and a black globe earring hung from his left ear. He stared wildly around at the crowd, then, without warning, flung himself at dragon-Kenshin. "DIE BATTOUSAI!!" Neko-Kitsune snapped her fingers.. er.. paws... then walked over to Enishi, who had been frozen mid-pounce.
"Tsk, tsk. Bad Enishi. Just because you're insanely cool AND insane doesn't mean I'll let you hurt Kenshin-sama. Now go sit over there." She pointed to a corner which smelled oddly like white plums. Enishi simply glared at her and didn't move until Neko-Kitsune realized he was not able to move, due to her authoress powers. Snapping her paws.. fingers.... whatevers.. again, she grabbed Enishi by the nape of the neck and dragged him into the corner, where he began talking to himself. "Anou.. whatever Enishi,"
Neko-Kitsune muttered, returning to the circle. "Right! Now we begin! Kenshin! Truth or dare?"
Kenshin shifted uncomfortably. "Er. Truth."
Neko-Kitsune sat back on her haunches and lashed her tail around. "Umm... okaaay.. I know this one, hold on.. Oh! I know! Who do you like more... Kaoru.. or Tomoe?"
Kenshin's eyes bulged. Kaoru-tanuki was sending him a stare that worried him and Enishi had stopped muttering and was also giving him the ole' death glare. "Err... consequence."
Neko-Kitsune cackled evily. "I KNEW you would say that! Yappari! Yappari! Now! You must..... um... bring me a coffee! An iced coffee!"
The dragon blinked at this, a slight "Ooro..?" escaping from him, then turned and went into the kitchen. Appearantly several things got knocked over judging from the noise (and a few yelps on Kenshin's part), but eventually he reappeared and handed the coffee to the catfox. Yugure watched all this curiously. "I thought you hated coffee, Neko-chan?"
NK grinned wickedly. "That I do, Yugure-chan," she replied calmly as she happily dumped the freezing liquid over Kenshin's flame-red hair.


Yup, yup, yup. New chapter soon!! ...I hope...

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