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"Oi! Kenshin!"
Himura Kenshin looked up from the butter-yellow kimono he was washing to meet the familar sight of Sagara Sanosuke leaning over the fence, the fishbone he constantly seemed to be chewing on stuck in the corner of his mouth as always. Kenshin smiled. "Ohayou gozaimasu, Sano."
The former gangster suspiciously eyed the laundry his friend was doing. "Kenshin, does Jou-chan have you doing laundry again? I don't know how you stand it."
"Somehow I do not think that is what you came to talk about, de gozaru yo."
Sanosuke shrugged and shifted his position. "Whatever. Anyway, I thought you might like to come see this thing one of my friends told me about."
Kenshin lifted an eyebrow; Sanosuke's friends were not always the wholesomest of minds. "Is it legal?"
"Oh, don't worry," Sano said with a laugh. "It's fine, just an exhibit that some traveler's putting on. He's from, eh.. Egypt, I think it was."
Kenshin considered this proposition. The laundry was almost done and Kaoru hadn't told him to do anything afterwards. He nodded. "All right. Let me finish this laun-" He was interrupted by a flying shinai connecting with the back of his skull. Appearantly Yahiko had been watching them.
"You're not going anywhere without me!" the student proclaimed as he walked towards them, picking up his bamboo sword from where it had dropped on the ground by the swirly-eyed, "Oro.."-ing Kenshin. "I'm coming too." Sanosuke snorted slightly at this but made no other objection.


The market was dusty, noisy and rather crowded, like usual. Kenshin and Yahiko followed as Sanosuke led them through the crowded streets. "I bet he doesn't have clue where he's going," Yahiko muttered to Kenshin, who smiled and shrugged in a resigned way. But despite Yahiko's vote of confidence for the ex-ganster, within a few minutes' time he had guided them to the exhibit. It had drawn quite a crowd, but somehow (involving a lot of yelling on Sano's part and a few whacks distributed from Yahiko's shinai) they soon found themselves in the front.
The trio were dazzled by the sight. Everything in front of them seemed to be made of gold, bright, shining gold which glinted in the noon sunlight. There were chairs, pieces of strange-looking, tattered old parchment with odd figures on them, and even some kind of large table that resembled a leopard. But mostly there were smaller things- gold amulets that looked like jewel-encrested beetles or eyes, knives with ornamental symbols, half-broken vessels in the shapes of animals and birds made out of white stone. A certain object caught Yahiko's attention. It was made entirely of gold, in the shape of an hourglass (AN: I really have no idea if hourglasses would be known in Japan, so if anyone knows, would you PLEASE tell me? Arigatou!), and filled with shining white sand. A small carving was on the top; Yahiko noted that it was in the shape of an eye. Disregarding that nagging little thought which resides in the corner of everybody's head and tells you not to do those things you want to do anyway, he scooped in up in one hand. "Hey guys, look at this!"
Sanosuke stared at him for a moment, adjusting his eyes from the glittering gold to Yahiko, and then took it from him, ignoring his protesting "Hey!" He looked at it critically as he said, "Oi, Kenshin. Lookit this."
"Oro?" Sanosuke flipped it upside down and watched as the bright sand began to fall into the bottom. "Er.. Sano.. Sessha doesn't think-" He was most rudely interrupted when, as the first grain of sand hit bottom, he was lurched backwards. Stumbling, he fell back, and to his utmost surprise (and terror), found that he was...
"Ororor-" Once again the ex-hitokiri was rudely interrupted as sand filled his mouth.


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