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He'd fallen out of tree.

That was Kenshin's first thought when he came to, due to the incesant throbbing his body was giving him. Then he remembered the Egyptian stand, and the hourglass, and being covered in sand...

Blinking his violet eyes several times, he literally did a double take upon seeing his surroundings. Huge metal _somethings_ - they almost looked like buildings, but they were much too tall to be buildings - were sticking out of the ground perhaps a quarter of a mile away from him, and were covered in shining plates that looked like giant square eyes and reflected the sunlight. A low roaring caught his attention, and looking lower he found that small, shining carriages were barreling along a black-paved road. But they couldn't be carriages, they were going much too fast and nothing was pulling them. Horseless carriages? They seemed to be made of metal too.

An "Oomph" next to him ripped his attention away from the metal carriages. Sanosuke seemed to have been next to him and Kenshin, being enthraled with the new sights, had not even noticed him. Sano had woken up, and Yahiko, on the far side of Sano, was still out cold, lying on his back. Sano put a hand to his skull. "Oow.. Not so much sake next time.." Looking up, he saw Kenshin's surprised face. "Oh, hey Kenshin. What happ-" He stopped short; Kenshin guessed that he had seen one of the carriages. "What the he-"

"DON'T HIT ME BUSU!" Appearently Yahiko had woken up. The Kamiya Kasshin student had shot straight up into a sitting position, holding his shinai in front of him. He blinked. "Uh.."

Something near Sano's feet caught Kenshin's eye. It was the hourglass from earlier. Picking it up, he quietly examined it as Yahiko and Sanosuke gaped at their surroundings.

"What the heck're they wearin'?" Kenshin glanced up from the artifact. A group of teenagers were gaping at them from a metal bench. They were wearing clothes strange to Kenshin... Maybe they were Western..

One of them, who was short and had spiky, multi-colored hair which Kenshin stared at for a minute before focusing on the boy's face, spoke up. "Aren't those the types of clothes they wore in the 1800's?"

"There some kinda fair bein' held t'day or somethin'?" said the tall one with blond hair. Kenshin recognized his voice as the one who had spoke before.

Kenshin stood up. "Anou.. May sessha ask where we are, de gozaru yo ka?" The teenagers stared at him for a moment, obviously struck by his strange way of speech.

The boy with the odd hair finally answered him. "Domino City."

Domino City? Kenshin was sure he'd never heard of this place in Japan - but they had to be in Japan, the kids spoke Japanese... And he didn't know why he'd not have heard of this place, with it's strange buildings . Were they buildings?

"Hey." Kenshin snapped back to reality, and he "Oro.."'d upon seeing that the blond had approached him while his attention was away and stuck his face in Kenshin's. "Who the heck're you? An' why're you wearin' those weird clothes?"

Next to him Sano snorted. "You're the one with strange clothes, buddy."

The blonde laughed out loud. "You kiddin'? You look like you came from the 1800's!"

This startled Kenshin. This year was 1878.. wasn't it? He glanced sheepishly from the angry Sanosuke to the confused-looking (not including the laughing one) teens. "Anou - what year is it?"

Another, who had white hair and a soft expression, answered him. "2003. Why?"


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