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[-s u b m i s s i o n g u i d e l i n e s-]

So you want to submit something eh? Yay! But there are a few rules you must abide by. I'm sure you knew this already, but all submissions must be RK related.

  • Crossovers are fine, as are alternate reality.
  • Are-Sora DOES NOT accept NC-17 stories. That means no explicit sex. Period. (Actually, make it no sex period- hugging and kissing not included)
  • When submitting your story, you must include a short summary, your pen name, and story title, and if you could manage a rating that would be nice.
  • The story must be your own creation, not somebody else's fic with a few modifications.
  • Are-Sora does not accept yaoi/yuri fics.
  • Please, please, please send your story as an attachment in a txt or html format! It will not be accepted if it's not!
  • A note on violence - I realize that RK is a violent manga/anime by nature, but please keep it PG-13
  • Swearing: Tamer words are accepted, ("damn," "crap," "hell") but I ask that you keep it at that. Feel free to replace worse words with asteriks.
  • If you decide you don't want your story up here anymore, email me and I'll take it down ASAP.


  • Fanart. Let's take that word apart. Fan. Art. A tracing is not a fanart, IMHO. But pictures you've done by looking at an offical RK pic is fine (I've done a few myself).
  • Are-Sora doesn't accept yaoi/yuri pics.
  • Another note on violence: Same as above (see Fanfics/Songfics). Keep it PG-13!
  • The art must be your own.
  • Please send your picture as an ATTACHMENT in GIF or JPG format. BMPs not accepted.
  • When you send your image, please include your name/webname! I won't put up anything unless I know who it's by.
  • This isn't necessary, but it's usually a good idea to include "fanart yourname" in the image.
  • If you decide you don't want your picture here, just email me. I'll take it down ASAP.


  • First, go read the fanart guidelines.
  • Then please include the size of the wallpaper (800x600, etc)


  • Try to keep icon size around 50x50 pixels.
  • Um.. well.. not much else to say about icons. Yup.


  • See Icons

    That's about it. Ready to submit, or have a question? Email me.

    I will be looking at all the submissions to make sure they follow along. Expect an email telling you if you are accepted, and if you aren't, I'll try to send you a note explaining why.