Another Ordinary Day, by Neko-Kitsune

Konnichi wa! NK decided to do a fic!! Scary huh? I agree! Right, disclaimer: **ahem** Neko-Kitsune does not own Rurouni Kenshin, but it would be yummy if she did. Now watch what happens when the RK cast gets turned into animals...

“KIIII!” screeched Neko-Kitsune with delight, tearing out of the basement and running smack-dab into her best friend Yugure.

They collided and both fell over backwards. Neko-Kitsune, a very, very strange hybrid of cat and fox, had fur of brownish-orange and was tipped with black on tail, muzzle, ears, legs, and stomach. Three whiskers shot out of either side of her mouth, and she wore a ridiculously huge emerald-green scarf, which was so big it looked more like a tatty green cape.

Yugure, a gothicy black cat with creepy, insane red eyes, shook herself and stood. “What attacked you this time, another demon gnome?”

Neko-Kitsune grinned back at her. “No, my Soujiro poster came to life and stopped smiling.”

“You don’t have a Soujiro poster.”



Both girls were a little screwy.

Yugure plopped down on Neko-Kitsune’s couch. “So what happened?”

“I started writing a Rurouni Kenshin fic,” NK replied, sitting down next to her.

“That really is scary.”

“What’s really scary is that I turned them all into animals.”

Yugure grinned maliciously. “Oooh, they’re gonna be maaad...”

Right on cue, a very familiar voice said, “Oro... Neko-Kitsune-dono, I think something very weird is going on...” An enormous, fushia-scaled Oriental dragon with dirty-white horns that looked more like antlers and a mane of long red hair stumbled, with some difficulty, into the living room. He had a cross-shaped scar on his left cheek.

Yugure fell off the couch trying to hold in her laughter. Neko-Kitsune smiled at the dragon-ized Kenshin. “Ohoya gozaimasu, Ken-”

She was cut off by an enormous racket followed by a long string of curse words from the bathroom. Seconds later a white-and-brown blur had sped from the hallway and landed on Neko-Kitsune’s lap. Yugure’s eyes widened. “Sano- You didn’t- did you?”

NK grinned. “Oh yeah.”

Sanosuke the chicken had landed on NK’s lap, still retaining his spiky mess of brown hair and the red bandanna he wore everywhere. Kenshin could see his back - the kana for evil was still there in his feathers.

Neko-Kitsune coughed politely at the smoldering Sano and began, “Oh... Ohoya gozaimasu... Rooster-hea - I mean, Sanosuke-san-”

“IS THIS YOUR IDEA OF JOKE, KID?!” Sano screamed at her indignantly. White feathers were flying everywhere and Sano had gone into an extremely chibi mode in his anger. “I SWEAR, AS YOU AS YOU TURN ME BACK I’LL-” It was at this moment that Sano noticed Dragon Kenshin. “Woah. What’d she do to you, Kenshin?”

A dragon-sized sweatdrop appeared on Kenshin’s forehead. “I’m not sure, actually... Neko-Kitsune-dono, would you mind...”

Yugure, still doubled up with laughter, chose this moment to shriek, “She’s writing a RK fanfic! Hahaha..”

Before either of the humans-turned-animal could reply, a small tornado came rolling into the living room - a yellow-and-purple one. Various limbs could be seen from it, and insults and curses were flying from it. Neko-Kitsune immediatly pounced on it and ripped apart a small yellow bobcat and a purple weasel. “Yahiko! Misao!! Stoppit! You’ll put an extremely miniscule scratch on one of my Kenshin CDs! ...Again!”

Yahiko’s bobcat ears flattened. “Yeah, and you happen to be the only one who can see it.”

“And it was Yahiko’s fault anyway!” retorted the purple weasel Misao, who was grasping some black kunai knives.

“Nuh-uh, it was your stupid kunai that scratched it!” The two bristled and Yugure and NK began to pull them away from each other.

Sano had claimed the couch and was sulking on it, and Kenshin was unsucessfully trying to find a place to sit - which is kind of hard for a dragon in a cramped living room. “I wonder when Kaoru-dono and Megumi-dono will be up,” he said offhandedly. Yugure heard this and yelled across the room to Neko-Kitsune, who was having so unsucessful a time with restraining Misao she had had to sit on her.

“Neko-chan! What did you turn Kaoru and Megumi into?” Her question was answered at once when a sleek orange fox with long black hair bolted into the room, laughing, followed by an extremely upset, soft-yellow racoon. Yugure did a double-take. “Ahhh.”

Racoon-Kaoru blinked once or twice, staring at the rest of the Kenshingumi - and Misao - and whirled around, pointing an accusing finger at Neko-Kitsune. “WHAT THE HECK DID YOU DO THIS TIME?!?!” she screeched. Neko-Kitsune clapped her paws over her ears, loosing her grip on Misao enough for her to wriggle free. In a second there was another tornado in the room, this time soft yellow and bright orange.

The Fox Lady sidled over to Kenshin. “Kenshin-san... do you know what happened?” She glanced down at her reddish-orange fur, then at Kenshin’s new fushia scales.

“I think Neko-Kitsune-dono is writing a story that involves us turning into animals, Megumi-dono,” Kenshin replied absentmindedly. Megumi snorted, as if this was something she would expect out of Neko-Kitsune - which it probably was.

Yugure was laughing her head off as she watched Neko-Kitsune try to escape from the angry Kaoru (unsucessfully), and Misao and Yahiko had momentarily forgotton their strife against each other by the sight of Sanosuke, and promptly began laughing hysterically. Sanosuke was about to pounce on the both of them and show them how damaging a chicken can actually be when two birds swept into the room, one a large white-and-gold eagle, the other a small black raven. Neko-Kitsune held back Kaoru long enough to say, “Konnichi wa Aoshi-san, konnichi wa Soujiro-san!” before being dragged back into the raccoon-girl’s fight.

At the mention of her Aoshi-sama’s name, Misao stopped laughing abruptly and squealed with delight. "Aoshi? Aoshi-sama! She turned you into an eagle? Wow, that suits you- I mean I like you as a human better but an eagle is-" Yahiko interrupted her with a snort of disgust. Misao whirled, switching to an extremely anger chibi-state, howled a few words I should not mention here and at once began to fight with Yahiko again.

Sanosuke stared in disbelief at Neko-Kitsune, who had finally managed to get away from Kaoru by pointing out Kenshin to her (and thus leaving her dumbstruck). "You turned Aoshi into an eagle and I'm... KITSUNE!" Neko-Kitsune suddenly found herself fighting once again for her life.

Minutes later NK staggered away from Sano, who looked very satisfied, covered in bandages and muttering something about rabid palm trees, wandering past the hallway entrance and not at all noticing the navy-blue wolf who was grumpily smoking a cigarette pad into the room. The Wolf of Mibu glanced around, then stared at Sanosuke. "Well... I see it's true.. you are a roosterhead."

Sano bristled and made to lunge for Saito, but was caught calmly in mid-air by Kenshin, who trapped him under his enormous claws. Neko-Kitsune staggered over to Yugure, who was watching Aoshi raptly, and grinned. "Just another ordinary day, ne?"

Well, considering that was my first Kenshin fic, that was pretty good! More chapters later, mind you.. I have many things in store... Bwahaha. ^-^

Chapter Two

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