Neko-Kitsune: Hi again!!

Soujiro: They don't want to hear you ramble, NK.

NK: But I LIKE rambing!

Shippou: Rambing?

NK: Yes.

Shippou: What's-

Bakura: Don't ask.

Shippou: Okay.

Bakura: NK has disclaimer duty again!

NK: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! ^Bursts into tears^

Shippou: Say it! Say it!

^Soujiro, Shippou, and Bakura begin chanting, 'Say it! Say it! Say it!' while NK is still crying her eyes out^

NK: Oh great. I've lost my eyes now!

Shippou: I have them! ^Juggles eyes^


Soujiro: ^Evil grin^ Say it.

NK: Fine. **sniff** I don't own Rurouni Kenshin, Inuyasha, OR Yu Yu Hakusho OR Yu-Gi-Oh. If I did, I'd have lots of monies. Which I don't. In fact, I'm totally broke. There. I said it, AND I admitted I have no cash. ARE YOU HAPPY!

Shippou: ^Considers^ No. ^Tosses an eye to Bakura^ RUN FOR IT!!


^NK starts chasing Bakura and Shippou around. Soujiro watches them for a minute^

Soujiro: Well. I guess I should start the story, shouldn't I?


Kenshin: Oro.. I can't believe I just did that. ^Stares at all the damage he's done^

NK: Well.. you didn't kill anyone! That's a plus!

Kenshin: _x

NK: ^-^'' Hey, what happened to my stick anyway?

Yugure: ^In the distance^ FIRE! FIRE!! HAHAHAHA!! LOOKIT THE FIIIIRE!!

NK: Oh. o.o

^Soujiro, Shippou, and Bakura are sitting in the corner, whispering rapidly and occasinally shooting glances at NK^

NK: ^Walks up behind them^ T.T And may I ask WHAT you are doing?

Bakura: Um..

Shippou: It's... a surprise!

NK: Really?

Soujiro, Bakura: Really!


Shippou: ...If we told you it wouldn't be a surprise.

Soujiro, Bakura: Yeah.

NK: Aw. ^Walks away, muttering^

Shippou: ^Watching her^ I think she fell for it.

Bakura: Right. Let's do it.

Yugure: Do what?

Soujiro, Shippou: O.O'

Bakura: o.O' Where'd you come from?

Yugure: Bad bishounen of NK's utmost affection. Answer my question first.

Shippou: Plotting escape.

Soujiro: Will you go distract Neko-Kitsune for us?

Yugure: Why should I? ^Brandishes fire stick^ It'd be much more fun to BURN!!!

Bakura: We'll give you a bucket of toxic goo if you do.

Yugure: REALLY!?

Bakura: ^-^ (a/n: He's so BISHY when he smiles! YI! ^__^) Now go distract Neko-Kitsune!

Yugure: YAAAAAAY!! ^Runs off to torment a certain hanyou^ (a/n: I AM NOT A HANYOU!)

Yugi: Hi Bakura!

Bakura, Shippou, Soujiro: ACK! ^Fall over^

Bakura: What are you doing here?

Yugi: ...I really don't know. ^Disappears^

Bakura, Shippou, Soujiro: O.O'

Soujiro: Well. That was different.

^They turn and begin to walk away, but as luck would/wouldn't have it^

Shippou: ^Runs into a leg^ Ack! Watch where you're-


Shippou: Uh-

NK: Where ya going?

Soujiro: Nowhere.

NK: Don't lie! ^There's a crackle of lightning. It starts to rain^ ACK! RAIN! ^Types something on a keyboard that has just appeared^ ^The rain goes away^

Yugure: ^Singing^ Rain, rain, go away-

Everyone: SHADDUP!

Yugure: ^Pokes Everyone^ Aren't you Miroku's clone?

Sango: ^Appears and whops Everyone on the head^ Hentai clone! ^Disappears with Everyone^

Yami NK: ^Glares^ Well?!

Shippou: Oh. She went yami.

Yugure: Oooh!! Do you have a Millenium Item?!

Yami NK: ^Stares at Yugure for a moment, spits, then gets out an extremely long kunai knife made of gold, inscribed with the Millenium eye on the handle^ The Millenium Knife.

Bakura: ^Eye twitches^ ^Lightning crackles again^

Shippou, Soujiro: ^Both eye Bakura and step away^

Yami Bakura: ^Glares at Yami NK^ Give me that!

Yami NK: Make me!

^Yami Bakura and Yami NK start fist-fighting. Everyone comes over and starts cheering^

Soujiro, Shippou, Sanosuke, Kaoru, Inuyasha, Yugure: HIT HER BAKURA HER!!!!

Kenshin, Sango, Miroku, Misao, Everyone, Yugure: GO YAMI NEKO-KITSUNE!!

Kaoru: Yugure? Who's side are you on?

Yugure: Um... well..

Soujiro, Shippou, Sanosuke, Kaoru, Inuyasha, Sango, Kenshin, Miroku, Misao, Everyone: T.T

Yugure: NK's my friend! But Bakura's just soooo... biiiiishyyyyyy..... ^Droooools^

All: ^Falls over^

Sango: ^Bops All on the head as Miroku music comes on^ How many clones do you HAVE exactly, Miroku?

Miroku: ^-^'' ^Vanishes^

^Yami NK and Yami Bakura have come to a draw in the fight, because the author is unwilling to kill herself or let bishy Bakura die^ ^Now they're having a staring contest^

^This goes on for several hours^

Annoucerperson: INTERMISSION TIME!!

((Intermission: Sango and Miroku are playing cards, Shippou and Soujiro are arguing over who would win in a fight, Inuyasha or Kenshin, Kaoru is busily whacking Sano on the head for something, Kurama has miraculously appeared and is fending off rabid fangirls, Yugi has also appeared and is having a one-sided conversation (that's what it looks like anyway, he's talking to Yami), someone's dragged Hiei and Botan into this and Hiei is glaring at everyone in the room while Botan is busily chattering on to All and Everyone whilst polishing her oar, Inuyasha is snoozing in a tree which has just appeared, Misao is drooling over some pictures of Aoshi, and Kenshin and Yugure are...


Kenshin: ^Hysterically laughing^ FIRE! BURN! BUUUUUURN!!! HAHAHAHA!! ^Starts torching everything again^))

Announcerperson: INTERMISSION'S OVER!!

((Sango is celebrating because she won her card game and is rubbing it in to Miroku, Shippou and Soujiro both ended up with bloody noses and didn't resolve who would win, Kaoru is still whacking Sano (whose eyes have gone swirly) Kurama has tranformed into Youko and all the fangirls just swooned, Yugi seems to have gotten into a fight with Yami and is busily beating himself up, Hiei is STILL glaring and All and Everyone have just whacked Botan upside the head because they were tired of listening to her ramble, Inuyasha is still snoozing, Misao is painting a life-sized mural of Aoshi on the wall, and Yugure has wrestled the stick from Kenshin, who has gone all amber-eyed and Battousai on her and they're having an all-out duel.))


NK: ^Has gotten her eyes back^ Well! That was fun, right?

Shippou, Bakura: ^Are horribly beaten up^ No.

Soujiro: ^Smart enough to stay on NK's good side^ ...Yeah!

NK: ^Gingerly touches face^ Wow, Yami Bakura is good at fistfights. But so's Yami NK! ^-^

^Bakura groans loudly (---Is in deep pain)^

NK: Uh.. ^Stuffs Bakura into a closet^ ^__^

Soujiro, Shippou: O.O

and the horror goes on...

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